This, that, and the other

It’s probably about time I stop apologizing for not posting more often. While I might think about posting and make mental posts, I’m not actually doing it. I love to write but it’s clearly not happening. No more apologies. I’ll post when I have a chance.

Let this be a catch up and maybe I can post something more coherent next time.
The goats are well. There are 7 now.
If you can count, you will only count 6. My baby bunny girl Lacey is missing from that photo. The newest are the 2 little monsters I’ve dubbed “The Tiny Whinies”.
They’re tiny and they like to whine. Why whine? Because they want a child to pick them up and carry them somewhere (everywhere)….which works quite well for them.
The Angoras got shorn. I’d like to say it was uneventful and that I did a good job but I prefer not to lie.
I did get 2 nice piles of heavenly crazy soft kid mohair. It’s really nicer than I ever expected it to be.

I’ve been too busy with work to get much done on it though. Jay and I redesigned the label for our products. I say we but he really did all the work.
New yarns, new colorways, new label. Isn't that sheep cute?
My job was to come up with new colorways and designs. I have lots of almost solids and some mew handpaints. This is one of my new favorites.
And then I’ve been making batts like mad. Which I probably should be doing instead of typing but here I am and here I’ll stay until I’m done.
The Fiber Festival of New England is fast approaching so you aren’t likely to hear from me again until I’ve recovered. Honestly, I don’t know how people manage to do a whole bunch of shows in a short span of time.

I’ve managed to publish a new design and make my eldest daughter a knitwear model all in one feel swoop:
Sea Side Rumpus. I really love this shawl pattern. It’s similar to the last rumpus in that it’s a “Choose your own ending” but this one is constructed a little differently.
I also managed to finish that sweater in the last post I made this summer. It is now in the lovely hands of Jacey at Ply for the winter issue. If you haven’t subscribed to PLY yet, you’re missing out. I have 2 more designs that will be out (self published) in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully I’ll be back and can talk about those before they’re old news.

I’m not without some self time though.
I managed to spin this last month during a stashdown the group had in Ravelry
The photo is shit but I assure you the yarn is not. Most of it is bits that will go into sweaters. The yellows and the whites however are for smaller projects. We’re doing a “Warm Along” in the Spunky Rav Group and I have some hats I want to make for the kids. Maybe mittens too.
Last but not least, I’ve been managing to weave
Most of it is for the shop but that little piece is a gift. I’m playing with textures and using up some crazy yarns. It is rather fun.

Ok. Now I really do need to get back to work before the boss yells at me.

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2 Responses to This, that, and the other

  1. Maryse says:

    Omg your boss is such a bitch!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I hope you’re bringing the batts to New England fiber festival. I didn’t spend all my $$ at Rhinebeck because I know I’ll see you soon.

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