Deadline Sweater

My time these days is being consumed with a deadline knitting project.
It’s gorgeous.
It’s handspun.
There’s even intarsia on it but I’m not revealing that yet. It should be a surprise.
deadline sweater
I don’t get to wear it when its done.
Well, eventually I will but that’s at least a year down the road. I don’t lament not being able to wear it right off. It is summer and muggy after all. Still. When I know I’m not going to wear my current project it makes me wistful for something that I can wear. In the middle of knitting on this sweater, I’ve spun this:

It’s the new colorway “French Alpine” from the Heifer collection in my shop. It’s fluffy thick and thin singles that I have this dream of making a super fast and funky sweater. If I remember, I’ll update you all on that progress. In the meantime, I’m heading back to finishing up my deadline knit.

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