no time! no time!

I don’t even have time to make my letter capitalized in that title.
Ok, that’s a lie. I left my title like that just so I could say that line.

Between getting out fencing up to date for arrival goats, looking for a suitable milking goat (you wouldn’t think it would be as hard as it apparently is), doing fiber shows (NHSW last week, MASW next week), dealing with ducks and their issues (so far all still alive miraculously), finalizing the kids dance recital stuff (this weekend!), and working on the latest spin along…..I’ve neglected the blog.

I’m writing this post, just so I don’t continue to neglect. I’m going to add pictures because we all like pictures right?

This is the one goat that we have reserved so far:
My eldest is completely in love with him and talks about him frequently

This is the yarn that I spun for the Lace along in our Rav group
LilBoog plied it for me! The first yarn she plied wasn’t stellar but this one is. My own little fiber sweatshop.

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1 Response to no time! no time!

  1. Susan says:

    HIM???? I thought you didn’t want a male goat. That said, he is so freaking cute I’d take him home, too.

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