Ducklings in the house!

Or rather, in the shop.
We picked up these 10 darlings yesterday.
They huddle up in the corner as the big bad lady with the camera shows up.

But look at those wee little feet!

There are 5 Khaki Campbell, 2 White Crested, and 3 Indian Runner ducks. The Runners are mine so the kids let me name them. With the help of my Twitter friends they have been named Delicious, Rillette, and Spleeny. I have no idea what the girls are going to name the other 7 but they are loved even without names.

Lookit that fathead starting.
I bet LilBoog won’t let me call him fathead but in my mind, that’s what she will be.

10 ducks added to the 2 we still have….
We’re going to have so many eggs, I imagine lunches at some point will be like This Scene from Napolean Dynamite.

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4 Responses to Ducklings in the house!

  1. maryse says:

    yay! rillette!!!

  2. Jan says:

    My new haircut looks like that and I called myself fathead…I want one…LOL

  3. Lynn says:

    I think I’ll need a field trip this summer….

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