Gift guide/Buy Local

There’s all these reminders going around the social media sites reminding us to “buy local”. Do you need to be reminded? I don’t.

In past years on my blog I’ve put links up for gift ideas, links to cool gifts for knitters/spinners/weavers….I admit, I’ve been lazy about posting on the blog for a while now. So lazy that I’m thinking of skipping the full blown gift guide this year. So this is it. Pay attention, it’s all I’m doing

Do you follow my Pinterest? Or just Pinterest in general. There are lots of ideas of things to make.

And then local stuff, I don’t know what you have local. Do you?

    • Got a great local restaurant you want to share? Give a gift certificate.
    • Got a good local cleaning service? Have them clean someone’s house as a gift
    • Haircuts, pedicures, massages, are all great gifts to give and it helps someone else locally.

I’ve heard it told that gift certificates are a lame gift. Not so in my opinion. If someone on your list could use a clean house, a meal out, a day of pampering….these are all great gifts. If you know someone that will actually use the gift and appreciate it, it’s the perfect gift.

I bet you don’t need me all in your face talking about this stuff in length, yet another year. And lets face it, I’m likely to tell you the same things as all the memes, buy local, make something, give of yourself and give to charities. But I did sneak in some helpful links and ideas up there. Did you notice that?

Still, I feel like I have to mention my fiber peeps. If you want to buy a gift, there are some things you can give to your favorite knitter, spinner or weaver. A gift certificate here, again, is not the wrong thing. Let them pick out what they need from their local store. It’s perfect. Want something more tangible? Spinners could always use more bobbins or another spindle. Knitters and crochets rarely say no to new needles or hooks. Either could probably be happy with a new project bag. Weavers might be a little more difficult. If they have Rigid Heddle looms, see if they need new heddles. Floor loom weavers, maybe a new shuttle. I’m pretty fond of one of my shuttles but if I’m doing many colors, it’s good to have more. If your favorite fiber lover has a local store or one they frequent a lot (the one that shows up on the credit card bill at least once a month is a good hint) talk to them. They might have ideas for you and they’re usually willing to help out.

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3 Responses to Gift guide/Buy Local

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been a bit frustrated by the whole “Buy Local Saturday” deal – I really do try to buy local all year long. I love all my area downtowns and try to shop there when I do shop.

  2. purlewe says:

    see. this is exactly what is needed to be said. YAY!!!

  3. Nope, I totally don’t need to be reminded. I was so excited to find that the local pet supply shop will groom my dog for $30 less than Petco wanted. Even if it were a bit more expensive, I’d still rather support them.

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