Rhinebeck has passed for another year.
Yet again it was fantastic to put faces to names and meet so many new people. It was great to see a whole bunch of familiar faces too. I’ve said it before and I’ve heard it from others as well that Rhinebeck is more about the people than the shopping. It’s usually absolutely true for me as well but this year unlike the past couple I did manage a touch of shopping. Of course the memories are more important than the “stuff” but it’s hard to take a snap shot of a memory to share when I didn’t take a single photo the whole time I ran around Rhinebeck. Or maybe I should say, I ran my mouth around Rhinebeck. I talked so much my throat was sore on Saturday night.

Anyway, the photos I can show you, are of the spoils.
The scarves were great finds. Well….the teal one was my find and the pink/blue was a gift. The grey yarn, I have 3 others like it. 1200 yards of sport weight Foxhill yarn that will be an aran sweater someday. Hopefully some day soon. Under it all is a new sheepskin for my tush at work. Look at the spot of grey! I thought I wanted a grey one but I couldn’t pass up that little spot.

I was also gifted some gorgeous orangey red paprika yarn from David of Southern Cross Fibres.

Beth of The Spinning Loft brought me some luscious CVM for a secret project. It might already be partially washed. I’m so excited to dig into that project.

I also got this fabulous snap add on from Jul Designs. I have more to tell you about this but I need to work and well, it’s going on a design so you have to wait a little bit anyway.

For those that remembered the last post about the sweaters…My red sweater got new button bands and buttons. Jay’s sweater was completely finished, blocked and dry….and the weekend was too hot to wear either. I’ll get some new photos of all that soon. If you got to go to Rhinebeck, I hope you had as good a time as I did.

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2 Responses to Rhinebecked

  1. jessalu says:

    love those scarves! I never got a chance to try to find a good sheepskin for under my desk, hopefully I can find one at the NE fiber fest. Beautiful yarn and CVM – can’t wait to see the new design for that snap!

  2. MINItron says:

    Glad you had so much fun. We went to a local fiber event the weekend of Rhinebeck, and got to see some CVM sheep up close and personal. Nothing compares to Rhinebeck though.

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