It’s almost here.
Fall is in the air and I can almost taste the Fried Artichokes. With Rhinebeck comes the Rhinebeck sweater. Each year it seems like David gets here and he has to push me to make a sweater or finish up one I have on the needles. I have a lot of WIPs and UFOs so there’s almost always at least one sweater started. This year I finished a sweater early….and then didn’t like the buttons so I wanted to change that out and ripped the button bands.
When I rip out I get pissy and the sweater will sit for a while. This sweater in particular was giving me button band fits. It’s been done for about a year, it just needed button bands. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to do it and then I just found lovely buttons and made the bands. I should know better. The buttons are too heavy for the cloth. The new idea is a lot better. I just need to do it now. The questions is will I get it done before David shows up next week?

I’ve also been promising Jay a sweater for a bit now. He’s going to Rhinebeck too and wondered if he’d be sweaterless. uh….yes? no? maybe…that’s the answer. I’m working on his sweater but finding precious little time. Maybe I just need my whipper to be here yelling at me to knit faster. Jay is not a small man. Smaller than the last sweater I knit for him but the sleeves pit to wrist are 21.5 inches. One is done, the other has been cast on.
Then I have 48 inches around and 17 inches of stockinette to get the body to the joining point. I think once it’s joined, I’ll have an idea when it will be done.

But because a plate isn’t good unless it overflows…I’ve cast on a new sweater for me as well. I’m in love with this Dijon mustardy yellow I’ve been dyeing for the shop.
I need this sweater and if I can get Jay’s sweater done early….this will be the one I rush to finish.

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