Progression of a Garment – Part 2

This is probably going to have a lot of parts to it. It will also likely be interrupted somewhere in time as I’ve not started to make the cloth for the final linen top. Still. I worked on the pattern and cut out the commercial linen fabric.

This is how lazy I am.
The front and back are relatively the same on this garment so I just made one pattern piece with an insertion for the back neck.
Then I wrote all over the pattern all the different variations I could do.

I decided on variations and cut out the linen. Which again shows how lazy I am because I folded the linen and then again so I would be cutting the back and front at the same time. I didn’t cut out the necks (the only marked difference)

I did cut out the dart marks. I will mark the end point of the dart later.

I made a change in the bottom. I made a rounded edge for a slit and more hip smoothing action.

I pulled the pieces apart, and cut the back neck. I also cut the little dart mark off the back since I won’t be making back darts.

Then cut the front neck and the slit along with a piece to fit in there for facing. the facing piece is 1.5 inches wide and about .5 inches longer than the slit itself.

Hopefully soon I’ll have time to sew on this and make the fix to the first cotton tank.

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One Response to Progression of a Garment – Part 2

  1. I am just starting to sew again after about a 20 year hiatus (except for making my daughter’s wedding dress), so I am encouraged by your blog!

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