Yoga Waistband

I’ve been so slack this summer in getting the sewing tutorials done. I’ve had this one half done for a while now. So let’s get to it because I want to show you another one but I have to show you this first.

The waist band on yoga pants are just plain comfy. No tailoring that may bind and gap. No drawstring to fiddle with. No elastic to pinch. It’s one of my favorite waistbands to put on things. It also speeds up the finish time if you’re making the garment yourself – no button holes to make, no zipper to install. I’ve added this band to all different kinds of skirts from circle skirts (which is what I really want to show you) to A line and also added it into pants recently. Not yoga pants. Linen beach look pants with this waist. I want all my pants to be like this.

I’m working on a tutorial for the pants but the waist is something I can share right now and is easy enough that if you don’t know how to do it, you can see now and start adding it to all the clothes you sew. It’s fantastic.

You’ll need:
A pair of yoga pants
Pencil (for tracing)
Marker or pen (don’t want to use for tracing but it’s good to make permanent marks to your pattern)

Fold your yoga pants in half and lay on the paper –

The edge of the paper, should be a little bit below (about 5/8inch) where the waistband meets the pants.

Trace leaving a space between your tracing and the pants of about 5/8 inch (get it, seam allowances)

Pull your pants away and mark the paper so you know what you need to do. A fold at the top and a fold at the side and you’ll need to cut 2. I use my own butchered from real patterns standing notes on my patterns.
Cut out your pattern and away you go!

This is what the material looks like when you cut it and unfold it.

This is a finished skirt that has a smaller yoga waist band….

You can do all sorts of things. I’ve made so much stuff with this waist band and I have more to show you. Let’s see if I can step up this tutorial business and finish the summer out strong. I’d like to show you how to attach this yoga waist band to other knits and to not knits because that’s just slightly different.

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3 Responses to Yoga Waistband

  1. JC says:

    I’m guessing you want to use a knit jersey material for this, and not something that has no stretch?

  2. Chris says:

    Love this! Looking forward to the next installment. Thank you!

  3. Cassie says:

    Hi, just wondering if you’re going to post the tutorial for these pants? I’d love to read it. Thanks!

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