I exercise.

Or at least, that’s what I tell myself. I go through phases where I live up to the exercise plan that I have for myself. 5-6 days of yoga, 2-3 days of running and 2-3 days of strength training. It’s not like I run long distances or my strength training is crazy hard. But it gets me moving and keeps me healthy. It’s not just all about food.

Lately, I’ve been phoning it in. My yoga sessions are short. My running is slow with low miles and my kettlebells are gathering dust. It’s not that I’m sitting around gathering dust. It’s that I’m not using my time for exercise. Where does the day go?

Last night I was chatting with Melinda after she made her latest post on her diet blog 31 for 31 Melinda is inspirational and working her butt off. She’s busting her butt for her goal. I’m sitting on my ass for mine. Time to do better.

For ideas on a new routine I headed over to Pinterest as I do and came across this:
I don’t know who originally posted it and there are no links since it was uploaded via iPhone. Ok. fine. I can do this. I gathered up some of my favorite and some of the less than favorite exercises and made notes. Then I decided I wanted my exercise stix to be better rounded so I color coded them into categories. 5 colors. 5 categories. Colored popsicle sticks would be awesome for this but I didn’t have any on hand so a girl works with what she has.
Scramble them up (Hooray recycled paper!)
Pick 5 on my workout days and do them. If I can, do 2 or 3 rounds of them.
I made a little envelope to put in the unused and the used exercises. I just folded some card stock like I would if I was sending a letter and stapled it. 2 pockets. Voila! And this is what I’m supposed to do the next time I work out:

If you want my list, I made a pdf. Just click —->   exercisestix-pdf

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