I have a ton of these that I’ve started. Drafts and posts all over the place. Photos I’ve started to take. Projects I’ve finished but never taken the final photos. Kind of sad really. When the Tramadol stuff hit the old blog, all the momentum I had was just gone. Tutorials I thought I had posted, also were never posted. I’m pledging to get this stuff cleaned up.

Here’s what’s coming:
Apron Dress
T-shirt skirt
wrap skirt
Linen Pants
Tab cuffed pants

I have a lot to talk about and generally don’t. I know there aren’t any tutorials in there for spinning or weaving or knitting or crochet. I am not sure what to write about since I feel like I’ve said a lot of it before and there are other great tutorials out there. If any of you reading want to hear more about something….you want me to give you the lecture or roving vs top again, I’m happy to do it.

I don’t have a ton of time but I love to write so if you have something that you want a tutorial or a lecture on, let me know and I’ll see if I can work it into the line up here. Otherwise, I’ll just keep blathering on and on about the stuff I want to talk about. I suppose I should let you all know that I’ve become highly enamored with the smock dress, the apron dress, the shapeless shift. I love them and I plan to make plenty for my summer wardrobe. This is where that Apron dress/top comes in. I’ve left my good camera in my sewing room so that I can get good photos when I’m working on stuff. Be ready for the summer of the shapelessness!

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4 Responses to Tutorials.

  1. Lesley Reynolds says:

    I have a request that I can’t find anywhere… and since you asked for suggestions, here goes: I would love to see how to sew a cylinder. I want to be able to attach a circular bottom to a rectangle to be able to create a cylinder. That would be outstanding. If that’s way to specific, I guess sewing together and curved surface to a straight one would also work. Thanks!

  2. Emily says:

    Oh! Excitement!
    Learning to sew is a goalthing for me this year. My ma got me a sewing machine a couple of holidays ago, and I never even broke it out of the box. (She’s a master…can deconstruct stuff and turn it into beautiful ballet costumes…I love seeing the end result. Me? Not so much.) I would love to see these tutorials.

  3. purlewe says:

    I just miss hearing your voice. You always have interesting things to talk about. Sock it to me!

  4. Rubiy says:

    We demand (politely) the t-shirt skirt tutorial! Make us look cute it t-shirts! (please)


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