New Cricket!!

Last night a bunch of cricket looms arrived. Not the usual 10 inch kind but the brand spankin’ new 15 inch kind. WAhooo!!! SO I eagerly took one home to put it together. And I’m glad I did (not just because the shop has a great new demo model) but the instructions weren’t complete but they know about it and have corrected ones on their site and soon in the box. If you have one with old instructions, please follow through to see what you need to do or go to the Schacht site.

Lookit that gorgeous box with the 15 on the cover! And my handy leatherman I’m going to use to put this puppy together.

And inside all my pieces and parts.

All the pieces and parts all over my floor. Notice no dog feet. I have no idea what happened for the dogs to not be interested in this project unlike every other time I am anywhere near the floor but you’re getting a dog free post here.

Me and my leatherman!

And after one screw and realizing I had dinner to make it was then changed to “me and my electric drill”!

ok. So from here just follow the instructions and you’ll get to this:
uh oh. extra parts.

This is where my instruction booklet ended. But there’s this cross piece and hardware. Insert the barrel nut

and then screw it in to the side where there are holes. Yeah, it’s that simple. Nothing fancy or huge missed there. This is just to stabilize your loom. You want to do this part, don’t leave it out. It should look like this:

and then you’re ready to weave.

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3 Responses to New Cricket!!

  1. earthchick says:

    Ooh! That’s pretty exciting!

  2. Josee says:

    Seems easy enough to assemble, even with missing instructions… you lucky girl!

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