Imported Blog

I was avoiding importing my old blog because of that nasty virus. I realized that my website is about to change drastically and that old blog will be destroyed. I had to capture those posts. I didn’t want all that wisdom (ha!) to be lost.

If you do a search or flip through you’ll be able to see all the old Boogie Knits posts here. The odd thing is that they were loaded by date in reverse order. So it starts with posts from 2007. Which isn’t entirely bad because one of the first one’s I saw was this:

LilBoog from a long time ago, reading a knitting magazine.

Yeah. so. All the recipes. All the tutorials. All here now.

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One Response to Imported Blog

  1. Lesley says:

    So that would explain why my RSS reader had 415 new posts from you this morning… lol. I was wondering what spurred on all the prose production… Now I just get to go back and browse the posts that I’ve missed. :)

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