Gift Edition – Part 4

Today’s charities are those that you get something tangible. You get a good feeling of doing good but you also get something. Back to the giving to Unicef. Threadless has 12 t-shirts, that if you buy one, the money goes to Unicef. Not even kidding here. The dollar amounts are the same as it is on the Unicef site.
These 12 shirts.

Buy something and they send money to something. Who couldn’t use another bag like this one And in return, you’ll get the bag and 10 school meals will be provided through the United Nations World Food Programmes’ School Feeding Program. Each item (not just bags) has something attached to it. Food, books and they go to different countries, or they can stay in the US.

Toms shoes, buy one pair and another pair goes to a kid in need. That’s a pretty good ratio. One to one! Buy a soft toy from IKEA and they make a Unicef donation.

This is just scratching the surface. It’s kind of neat to get a gift and at the same time, you know your doing good. Make the money count so to speak.

And now, the craft – mittens from old sweaters.
Good will has sweaters for $4.99 every day. Men’s and women’s. Occassionally they have sweater sales where they’ll be half that. On top of that, if you have a Goodwill card it’s 10% off. If you find a sweater that is in the tagged color of the day, it’s half off. The savings just keep adding up!

You know this means I have a stack of sweaters. So I started cutting into them to make mittens. The sweaters were all washed well by me and then dried and just sitting there waiting for something to happen to them. Some are thin and some aren’t wool so we’re going to line all the mittens with Polar fleece which also helps them resist water too.

Find your sweater and roughly cut out a mitten shape using your hand:
Or a mitten that fits someone already:
You can see, I used the side seam of the sleeve for the side seam of the mitten:

You can use a sleeve or the middle of the sweater. If its got designs or motifs you want to have in the mitten make sure you get what you want. By cutting into the double thickness of the sweater you get the 2 halves of the mitten you need. You’ll need to cut out 2 (one for each hand). These aren’t going to be left/right specific so you can just cut as you wish. Cut out a cuff or not.

The one that we’re going to do for the tutorial is just the hand in the sweater and we’re making a cuff out of polar fleece.

You can see the 2 pairs of sweater hands cut out and the 2 pairs of polar cut out and the polar bands.
The polar fleece cuffs are meant to be sewn down one edge and the raw edge folded in to create a tight double thick band that won’t let snow in when playing outside.

Sew it all up. I left a quarter inch edging around.

Turn the sweater hand right side out.

Insert the Polar fleece into the sweater hand. The easiest way to do this so it’s all together good is to wear it and insert.

Now you can see all that’s left is putting on the cuff.

Pin right sides together and sew.

Voila! Mitten!

Out of the smaller lady sweaters I got 2 pairs of mittens and out of the sleeves, I decided I needed arm warmers or leg warmers.
There is that little pile left in the corner of that picture….I decided they needed to be little owl stuffies. They’re not done yet Or I’d show you the finished ones. But you can see the idea here.
If I remember, I’ll trace off these little guys and put up a PDF of the pattern. Assuming it all works like it does in my head.

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