Gift Edition – Part 3

We love our dogs. Shelter dogs. Both came to us a little damaged but appreciating their new forever home. We love them no less than a pure breed. ASPCA and Humane Society do a lot for animals in need. They are special to our hearts for that reason. They allow people to donate monthly or they have a store for the one time “gift” gift. We’ve both mentioned that if we have ever win the lottery, we’d adopt every dog we could find space for. Until that time, we’re doing the little bit that we can.

The crafty item of today is something that even someone that cannot craft can do. Write on wipe off boards.
Picture frame
Write on/wipeoff marker
Cloth or fancy paper

Get the frame. Open it up. Cut the paper or cloth as needed:
Put in the paper or cloth. Close the frame…..You’re done.
Seriously. That is all. If you’re making it out of cloth, you can cut a little rectangle of material the user can use to wipe off their note. Here’s some ideas….

Kids room door:

Inspirational notes:

Lots and lots of ideas. I’ve seen large frames made with squares of colors from paint stores used as a calendar. The best one I made was one that I inspired to make when I found paper that had lines on it.
School days I think it was called. I got the cheapest frame Target had at around $2.50 and the paper was $.69. For under $4 I have something that I gave LilBoog to do school stuff on:
She and her sister cannot put it down and I’ve been asked to make another one:
Yesterday, I caught the little one writing her own math problems. Today isn’t a school day so they’re making drawings and playing games. If you make one like this for the kids, plan on needing extra markers.

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