Gift Edition – Part 2

Sometimes helping a charity out isn’t all about the giving. Sometimes its all in the asking. Did I lose you there? Something my husband did recently was to make a public Amazon wish list. Every gift on it, was for a charity.  Maybe if we each added one thing to our wish list that was about helping another, it would get granted. See. Sometimes its not about the granting, but about the wishing.

Today’s charity is Unicef.

Unicef has many facets but I want to talk about the “Unicef inspire gifts” because that’s what I’m choosing to talk about today. They do have so many ideas. If my idea doesn’t speak to you, take a look around. They’re huge and effective.

I like the charities that make me feel like I’m buying something really tangible. It makes me feel like I’m helping more. Give Education – Paper, pencils and balls that we take for granted are amazing gifts and luxuries to others. Give Immunizations, Nutrition, or Clean water. Again, these are things that many do not have. Give a kid a chance to be healthy and grow. There’s a lot of opportunity on the Unicef site to do good. If you have time, check it out and maybe add something to your gifting wish list.

Today’s crafty idea is jewelry.
This is something that with boyish stuff, it could work for boys. I have 2 girls so that’s what I’m making. If my nephews want one, I’ll come back and show you something boyish. Once again, it was pinterest that spurred this idea. I saw these leather and charm wrap bracelets that I loved. I looked at the vendors but none of the charms really spoke to me. One of them might have been to make me what I wanted but I know my girls would treasure something home made.

Here’s my bracelet:

I made mine first just so that I know it would work. I wanted to wear it for a bit and see if the pieces worked out as I had planned.

This is a piece of jewelry I really want my girls to love. It’s meant to be worn as a bracelet but it could be a necklace if they choose.

Here’s what one of my girls are getting on theirs:

Some of the items are for fun but others have meanings:
Skull – death is inevitable, enjoy your life
Wings – remember you have them. FLY!
Flower – Grow my darlings
Hamsa – for protection
Animals – remember to be kind
Om – for peace
Mirage Beads – Color changing (mood beads) – keep an even keel
Star – you’re my super star
Fairies – dream and believe

I’ll walk you through my putting it together.
I used 1mm leather cord. Figure out a good length that will wrap around as many times as you want with about 10 inches extra, then double that length. I used about 10 feet for a skinny 11 year old. Fold in half, the button will go at the fold and make a knot.

You can use a thicker cord but just note the bead holes. The sparkly beads that I used, barely threaded onto this cord. You can use jump rings with the charms or not. You can even use all buttons. Just make sure whatever you get will actually fit together on the cord.

Now add your beads or charms and knot. Yeah, it’s that simple. Add charms and beads on one strand or both as they will fit and not slip over the knots you make. You can also leave “blank” spots as a design element or a place saver for a future charm. The design is completely up to you. Keep going until you get to the length you need. I felt the wings were too small and would get lost if I slipped it on to the cord so I used beads and a head pin to make it into a charm.

If you’re not sure, you can stop early and make a few sets of knots with nothing in them. This is where they will slip the button in to fasten. This is actually a really good idea to make it more adjustable if you’re making this for a child that’s still growing. It will have a chance to grow with them.
Bracelet for Child #1:

Bracelet for Child #2:

It doesn’t take a lot of skill to make but it does take some thought. If you need help with charms, before you go to your local bead store, make a list of what you want to say to your giftee.

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3 Responses to Gift Edition – Part 2

  1. Helen says:

    The bracelets are kind of goth of steampunk. I would think a guy would like them. Really a cool idea. Maybe I’ll do that for a couple of neices. Hmmm
    Also the charity gift ideas. My cousin-in-laws do that instead of gifting each other’s family. They donate to say an animal in the Heifer Project in the family’s name. Also it is still Combined Federal Fund time (federal employees) and they have a huge list of causes you can donate to.

  2. maryse says:

    ooh those are cute. i may have to make some.

  3. lisa says:

    Fabulous! I often “give” a llama or sheep, especially to my parents (who are divorced and with partners), who have more than everything and want nothing… even “gave” one to all the nieces and nephews one year.
    Another fabulous thing is kiva (dot org I think), where you “loan” out money to somebody, and when the loan is repaid you get the money back, either via paypal or to re-invest. I’ve given that too…

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