Gift Edition – Part 1

If you’ve been around my blog since I’ve had it, I’ve written a gift edition at the holidays. It’s mostly been geared towards the fiber enthusiast. Each year it’s a little different and this year its going to be really different.

I think if anyone is still reading here, they’re probably well aware of how I feel about the gift giving. Buy local, shop smart, spend within your means, give of yourself, and when in doubt get a gift certificate. My idea this year is to go beyond that. This year everyone is in a financial crunch. I hear it all the time and I feel it too.  You know who else feels it? Charities. Funding has been cut to local shelters and food banks. On top of that, no one is donating quite like they used to because they can’t.

That’s not to leave out the gifting idea. I do want to talk about a few things that I’m making for my kids this year in case it might inspire you to do that as well. My kids like the store bought, don’t get me wrong. They do like the little homemade gifts as well. Things that aren’t as easily bought at a store. Things that have meaning.

Let’s start with the crafty gift today, Hand warmers. My kids love the little warmer for the hand or in the summer its left in the freezer so it’s a booboo cool spot.  All it is, is a little rice filled something. I made cotton squares before but this year thanks to pinterest, I made some out of polar fleece. Softer. Nicer. And I made them for all the niece and nephews.

Here’s the large polar fleece heart and a smaller flannel one.

Its simple. Cut out the shape you want. Sew, leaving an opening to fill with rice.
You can tell by my parenthesis up there, that is the spot that I left open for the rice.

If you want to be more elaborate, make a skully face
Or an owl.
I don’t know if you can tell by the owl that’s standing up, I forgot to separate the front and back before sewing on the eyes. It works much better if you only sew the eyes to the front.

Most of the pictures are of ones that aren’t full as I ran out of rice. I’m fully stocked again and hope to finish these tonight. I wanted to show you though, so you can get going if you want to make these. The large ones are just great for sitting and holding on to or for putting on a booboo spot. The smaller hand warmers, I can imagine in jacket pockets when they’re outside for a quick hand warming.

Now, on to the charity. This is a popular one for most fiber enthusiasts and you might even know it before I say it.
Heifer International.
Give someone the chance to make a better life. Give them chickens, ducks, sheep, llamas….or more. Go in with a group of friends or just buy a “share” of a gift for someone. Wouldn’t it be a great gift to get a handwarmer heart with a heartwarming gift card attached that let someone know that you gave a needy family some ducks in their honor?

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One Response to Gift Edition – Part 1

  1. Helen says:

    —- Lovely. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Thank you Deb.

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