Catch up.

Once again, I got busy and let stuff slide. So lets see if I can do a little catching up here:

The girls had a great Halloween. (yes, I’m that far behind in posting). Punk fairy in her hand me down Docs and a Little Mermaid who insisted on not having her wig clipped on. We spent the evening pushing it back right at every house.

I get up early. I always have and I am rewarded with gorgeous sunrises.

Our 2 girl bunnies have decided to mate and produce babies. Ok, that’s not true. Obviously one of them is a boy. He’s no longer able to reproduce but now we have 5 wee bunnies needing homes.

These are our chickens in their coop inside. Cantankerous little monsters, but someday they might provide eggs.

I took possession of this amazing shawl the beginning of November. It’s from Stacie and I love it to pieces.

And I’m still making yarn (SE Club, Kentucky Derby on Norwegian) and knitting tho, by looking at my Ravelry profile, you might not know it. I have more to say about that another day but for right now, I need to get back to work. Jay and I are working on a new website and really really really hoping to launch it after the holidays. Keep your fingers crossed there are no hiccups.

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