Yesterday was our annual carving pumpkin day with my cousin’s kids. We hauled all of our pumpkins to my aunts house (next door to mine).

And proceeded to hack them all up.

Here’s what the girls and I did:
Scary Cyclops and Creepy spider by Big girl.

Bob and the Scary fanged kitty by Lil Boog.

My ferocious wee ones. Sort of like my kids except that I only have 2.

Finally the favorite one that I did:
Canibal Pumpkin. Poor thing looks a little distressed to be eating another pumpkin.

I wish I could claim that all the ideas for these pumpkins were mine but thanks to pinterest we had some fab pumpkins this year. The fangs were such a killer idea. I can’t wait to light this up this weekend. BOO!

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One Response to Pumpkins!

  1. lisa says:

    what a great (and wickedly easy) way to do teeth!

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