Not exactly keeping up

I am blaming the fact that I haven’t been posting regularly as to why I’ve been slacking. I need to get back into the habit of posting here more frequently. Let me just give you the quick run down of events since I last posted.

I went there. I vended and it was a good time.
Photo by Ercil Howard. Seriously, don’t ask about the outift. David questioned it as we were heading downstairs to start the day but I just figure that while he has great color sense he has no fashion sense. heh.
David from Southern Cross Fibre arrived as we were finishing up our setup. It was great to have him there as Mr Snarky wasn’t going to be able to stay as he was on kid duty for the weekend. It was good to be able to stay and participate in most of the SOAR activities. We didn’t get to take any classes but being around such great people, how can you not learn at least something….even if it’s a naughty something.

I went there too. This time I didn’t need to vend. I walked around, I shopped, I chatted and I got to meet so many people. I saw many folks that I already knew and then met new people. I love Rhinebeck for all the social interaction. Seriously, this little hermit needed a weekend of good socializing.
Lucky me, I finished a sweater just in time to wear. Mostly because David poked me whenever I stopped knitting. It was the BFL silk sweater in a threeway yarn:
Night Gathers from Hello Yarn, Kraken from Southern Cross, and Sledding Adventure from Spunky Eclectic.  The pattern is a modified version of Sprout. I am working on adding these modifications to the pattern. Did you see those sexy pockets? It’s a pocket I’ve been making for years but haven’t ever written it down for publication.

Shop News
The shop looks like it should be declared a national disaster area. I have 2 excuses for that.

ONE: We have Fiber Festival of New England coming up shortly. I think we’ll have the same place as last year. Even if they move us, there will be a double booth so we’ll be easier to find.

TWO: We are working on inventorying the shop for the new website. I know I’ve been promising a good working website for a while now but we’re not computer programmers, it’s slow going but we’re nearing the end. I’m working on a few sales that will help us inventory easier so keep watch of your inbox for a newsletter. Also keep an eye on the Twitter and Facebook. We’ll announce it there first.

There are other sales and classes coming up. I updated the calendar yesterday with the listing. This does include the annual floor model wheel and loom sale….you know you wanna be there. And by there, I mean here in Lisbon Maine but we will be doing a special sale online as well for those that can’t make it.

I’m done blathering on for the moment. I have more to say but I know this is getting long. I’ll sign off for now with promises of getting back to writing a new post sooner than 2 weeks from now.

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One Response to Not exactly keeping up

  1. heather says:

    i LOVED the pockets on your sweater! and Mike was super-sad that he didn’t get a hug from you. he ended up having to make do with me. whatever.

    And, i kinda like your funky outfit. <3

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