Someone’s Birthday

This past week was someone’s sixth birthday.
Looking older. Which at this age, is seen as a compliment. But then, not always looking so aged.
A girls gotta have fun.

It’s been a busy week for sure between work, girl scout events and making sure there was some celebrating. The last of the official celebrating was with a little family birthday party today. Once again she wanted the Pumpkin cake but made out of Carrot cake this year. Also, she wanted it green. Carrot cake because she likes it, pumpkin shaped because she likes pumpkins, and green because carrot tops are green. okey dokey kiddo.

To make our green ball look better, I added the leaves around it. The idea for the leaf cookies came from Pinterest. LilBoog seemed impressed and that’s all that counts.
If you clicked the “pumpkin cake” above, you’d see that I didn’t bother to even out the cake so it fit together better. This year I did and had a ton of cake left over. I made cake balls. These should last long enough to make it to SOAR…. though, I have a feeling if they make it to SOAR, they won’t last longer than 24 hours. Let’s see what I have time for this week, I might even squeeze in another blog post!

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2 Responses to Someone’s Birthday

  1. PuppyMomma says:

    Wow, 6 already!
    I like her choice of cake and coloring. Give her many hugs and kisses and tell her they’re from me for getting bigger. But not too quickly.

  2. vicki says:

    Aw. Happy birthday!! I love 6. ; )

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