New! Without Tramadol

I can’t remove the spam from the old blog and I don’t want to move all of it here for fear that the spam will follow. Eventually I’d like to go through and link or move some of the old helpful posts to being pages here but with limited time on my hands….

Anyway, I’m happy to be blogging again. That spam thing has killed my mojo so I’m hoping a new clear blog (and one that I am not responsible for spam removal) is going to be make me very happy. So expect a new blog post soon.

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4 Responses to New! Without Tramadol

  1. lisa says:

    Hola chica… check out those sexy ankles… que mona!!!

  2. margaret says:

    Yea! I missed your blog posts.

  3. marissa says:

    Oh, AMY! How your ears must have been burning this weekend- specifically Friday afternoon. I found myself quite unexpectedly, sitting next to a (gasp) SPINNER at Knit East…who proceeded to stick fur into my hands, and suddenly…I WAS MAKING STRING. (Ugly, bumpy, uneven, and likely useless string, but….). I kept saying, “No- someday I ‘m going to learn at the feet of the Master- Amy King!”, and yet, my hands were betraying me, spinning that spindle and stretching out the fiber. At one point my unruly hair got wound up in that mess!
    I get it now. Some more of the furry stuff has somehow made it home with me, and my hands are longing to fondle it. I am hooked. (I just hope this ‘string’ gets better looking. Woof! Clearly, I still need you!)

  4. tiffaney says:

    I’ve never seen spam on a blog like that tramadol stuff. I’ll have to show it to Ben and maybe he will have a suggestion on how to get rid of it. He’s useful for stuff like that :)

    I haven’t been much around the blog-universe lately, thanks to being in school full-time. Had to give up soaping for awhile (except for friends, which includes you!) until I have more time and more space. This lead me to create a new blog over at

    Miss you! Can’t believe the baby boogie is 6 already!

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