Wow. Just wow.

Thank you all the amazing responses to yesterday’s postings. Some of you went on to make your own blog posts about it and I read some. If you want to be linked for others to read from here, please tell people in the comments, link to your blogs. I don’t think we have a ton of readers here anymore but any extra eyes and people understanding, it might help someone.

I hope the posting I made doesn’t make people go to pro-ana or pro-mia sites causing trouble. Or to pinterest to holler at them. Its not their fault. From a fighting this standpoint, there is no good way. Its not a fight. Eradicating from pinterest doesn’t eradicate it, it means the girls and boys that need help will just go elsewhere. We know pinterest doesn’t support it, most places don’t. Its kind of good in a way that its mainstream on pinterest, we can see it. You can’t help when you don’t know its there. If your daughter or son were posting to secret sites, you’d never know about it. Here, someone has a chance.

I dunno, it’s a hard thing. No one wants the propaganda bandied about and picked up by unsuspecting children, teens or adults but if they’re searching for a foothold, they’ll find it elsewhere if they don’t find it on pinterest.

What do we get rid of next, get rid of all the pro-drinking stuff on pinterest because Alcoholics find support in that?
Where do you draw the line? Where does censorship begin and end?

So while I’m glad pinterest is not supporting them in anyway, I have mixed feelings about combating these girls and telling them they aren’t allowed to pin stuff. Some may be posting out of ignorance and catching them before it really starts is good. Others may be posting as a way of putting it out there so someone will reach out to help them.

I don’t know if there is any right answer to this. I suppose we all need to do what we feel is right for us. I know many of you want to take action but I think it’s the small actions and the small ripples from our personal lives that might be better than big waves. Unless you can get main stream media to make a switch as to how women are shown, I don’t think this is a problem that will disappear. I’m not even sure if that change were to happen, if it would disappear.

Take care an be healthy. Remember, Nothing feels better than healthy tastes.

Thank you all for reading my blathering on. Again.

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3 Responses to Wow. Just wow.

  1. Meg Caulmare says:

    Yesterday’s blog entry was disturbing and heart-breaking. I don’t have kids, so I’ve not paid attention to the kinds of sites out there that influence/charm/harm them. My sister raised two fabulous kids (both now college-age) and when I sent her the link to your blog entry she said she’d been very aware of those sites. She said she learned early that kids can do all kinds of things to make themselves special, even harmful things. As she said, “It’s a paradox, to make yourself special with self-loathing, but it happens all the time.” I think your point of view of “health” is the best someone can take. Here’s hoping more kids learn to fuel their bodies and lives, adn not destroy themselves when they’re still kids. That’s the best tactic for winning.

  2. As a parent of a teenage girl who has visited these sites and was drawn in…I say thank you. I never knew about these sites until my child was 13 and weighing under 100 pounds. I intercepted an email, meaning I went snooping, and found a whole discussion between her and a healthy friend. It was quite frankly the scariest time in my life. The really hard part? I had done it right. I had said the right things. I had modeled the appropriate behavior. But…still my daughter fell prey to this disease. That is what I want moms to hear…you can do it all right, but they are individuals and they have to find their own way. The therapist told me, “you can control what you say, but you cannot control how they hear it.” Luckily, we caught my daughter before she was sucked down into it too deeply. The disease had not taken over her mind yet. But….she is 16 and I still watch her like a hawk. This has brought up so many emotions for me. But thank you for posting.

  3. Annie says:

    Great post (again) and I totally agree about any ‘negative’ responses to this type of situation. What people who engage in self-destructive behaviors need is ‘re-direction’ to learning how to love yourself. Negative attention is still attention, and these people really need positive attention and a light shown on how to love yourself and what it really means-the things you wrote were really quite perfect Amy:O)

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