Tuck this!

My favorite piece of sewing of late is this tshirt:
That once was this tshirt:

Sometimes it’s hard to see the finished object in a shirt when you’re standing in Goodwill. This one happened to be a ringer tee (weakness) and it was blue with red (weakness) and it was in the men’s department (cheaper than the ladies) but the clincher was that it was a grey tagged item which was the half off color of the week! Score! I had no idea when I got it what it would become. I figured I’d just cut it down and maybe do some embroidery or painting. Little did I know that my brain was hiding this tuck idea from me.

I grabbed one of my favorite fitting commercial t’s and laid it over the blue one:

I needed work on the shoulders first so that’s where I started taking my calculated random tucks.

Then I marked the waist
and did more random tucks and measured with my pink shirt as I kept going.
So many threads to clip.
But then it needed just a little more. I got out the fabric ink and stamps….
New favorite t-shirt.
It fits me much better (very fitted) than it fits my skinny bitch of a dress form. I’ve had that form since before I had kids and boobs.

I got a couple more tshirts that same day….not to mention the ones I already have and some button down shirts. All averaging out to be about $2 each. These are all cut up and ready to go:

Keep on cutting and slicing. Don’t look back….

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2 Responses to Tuck this!

  1. random Cindy says:

    Love the tucks idea! May have to borrow it.

  2. Annalea says:

    I’ve always loved this idea, and came back to find the post so I could pin it . . . but my Pin It bookmarklet says I can’t pin any of the images in the post. Is that on purpose? (If so, it’s all good–I just wanted to check and see if that’s what you really wanted.)

    Have a great weekend!

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