THE soup.

This is THE soup.

At Lil Boog’s favorite Thai restaurant there is a soup that you get at lunch when you order an entree. This soup is Lil Boog and Big Girl’s favorite soup. Not able to eat out a lot, I decided that I needed to try to recreate it for them. It varies a little bit each time I make it but the idea is just the same.

It also happens that this is made with stuff that we can keep in the pantry and on hand in case I need a decent fast lunch.

2 packs Top Ramen (original flavor)
Veggie boulion
1 can of Bean sprouts
1 can of water chestnuts
Handful of Mushrooms
shredded carrot (1 large one will do)
tine can of baby corns (cut up for easy spooning)
Some things we like to add if we have them
pea pods

To Make:
Using about 3 cups of water in a good size stock pot – put in the seasoning and bring up the heat to just below a boil. Break up and dump in the Ramen. When the Ramen has softend (but not cooked all the way), dump in everything else. If I’m adding scallions, I usually reserve those for a garnish but you don’t have to. It’s just that easy and fast.

Serve hot with the cheese crackers I posted about a couple of weeks ago.

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4 Responses to THE soup.

  1. Lynn says:

    It occurred to me this past week (when I was at the Spinning Loft, learning backstrap weaving from Abby and dressing Beth’s looms) that I have yet to dress your looms, and that your looms are probably freezing their little shafts off being undressed in winter. If it ever stops snowing (unlikely, but possible, I suppose), I’ll come dress your looms on a Saturday and you can make me that soup. Deal?

  2. lisa says:

    Num Num!!! My favorite thai soup (from the place by the airport in Augusta) is veggie tom kha. I have Nancie McDermott’s Quick and Easy Thai cookbook and she has a chicken version. I love love love all the chili lime things (which invariably also have cilantro).

  3. Heather says:

    mmmm… sounds fabulous! Def. the type of soup I would love. Husband has been on a soup making kick, but everything is thick, thick chowders.
    So how the hell are ya?? lol

  4. Weaver says:

    That looks awesome! With all the snow we’ve had here in Connecticut, we’ve been having LOTS of soup. This one just might have to happen later this week (gotta eat all the leftovers first, chili, creamy tomato, and cheesy-potato)

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