Sweater recons

Just before the holidays I had thrifted a bunch of sweaters. It was almost obscene how many I got. I think the final total was 23 (3 of them, we decided to keep and wear as is). A bunch of different colors and different materials. Most of them were wool because after a little felting, they’re so easy to chop up and work with. A couple of them still had store tags on them. It had happened that the day I went shopping for the sweaters they had a sweater sale and on top of it, I could still get the special tag of the week half off! I think the average price for each sweater was around $4.

I had big big plans for those sweaters and then I started working more hours and cooking more and well, sewing fell by the wayside. I was lucky to get the girls holiday PJ’s done. No one got their recon sweaters. This past week, I took a day off and spent several hours sewing. I cut into 2 of the sweaters hacking away happily. I got so excited hacking away that I forgot to take a picture of the sweater as it was with all it’s parts. But I was able to collect myself enough to lay it out with most of it’s pieces:
This is what it became:
Simple serged edges and very pieced thanks to wanting a longer attached scarf. And buttoning pockets! Here’s the sweater piece picture tagged with what it all was used for.

Another one that I did was just a simple cowled vest from a plain grey wool cabled sweater. This one was the first and I just went at it without any photographic evidence at all.
It seems that a lot of the reconstructed sweaters I have seen leave exposed seems, but I didn’t do that on all of it. The body of this one has 4 pieces and the cowl itself is also another 4 pieces. The sweater was none to big to begin with once it was partially felted. Gotta get creative and do good piecing.

2 sweaters done, another 17 to go. The next one I plan to do will incorporate 3 sweaters in one, or maybe more.

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One Response to Sweater recons

  1. Faith says:

    That vest is really cute! I never thought of doing something like that. Hmmm….I’ve got a purple pure wool thrifted sweater that’s been waiting for a Lightbulb Moment for about 6 years now…

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