Jingle Balls and other goodies

We’ve been cooking around here.
A lot.
First we made Jingle Balls.
We made 2 kinds out of 2 pans of brownies. One was Dulce de Leche brownies. I used my standard brownie recipe and swirled the ddl in it before baking. Then we mushed it all up and made balls ala Schweddy Balls style. The recipe is in that link for the brownies and the concept of Spunky Balls.

The other kind were Cherry filled ones. Brownies, plain frosting and a cherry in there. The top is the chocolate coating with a dip of cherry pink vanilla(or white chocolate).

Next up was a couple of savories:
I didn’t have any puff pastry on hand so I made pie crust and I had to brush it with a little extra butter. They are light and quite good.

Savory pull apart rolls.
I used Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Buns as my idea. Which we made cinnamon buns too but I didn’t get a photo yet. we did those as freezer rolls. We partially cooked them and froze them to be fully cooked later. Like a sweet surprise on xmas morning; homemade cinnamon buns without all the work.
Back to the savory rolls. I didn’t add any sugar to the batter, just a touch of honey for the yeast to get bubbly on. The filling was carmelized onions. The topping was feta and Rosemary like above or Gruyere. The gruyere one would have been better if the carmelized onions has also had spicy course ground mustard in it. When I make it again, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Finally we get to today’s baking. Well, to be honest, the cookies were baked yesterday so that we could decorate today. Old fashioned sour cream sugar cookies were the start. Then we started in with the decorating.
I was inspired by the glorious cookies at Bake at 350.
I didn’t even come close to making as pretty cookies as she does but I used her icing recipe and followed her techniques. PERFECTION! She’s right. The only change I made to her Royal Icing recipe is that we don’t have corn syrup so I used Brown Rice Syrup. Everything seemed to come out just as it was supposed to.

The cool thing is that I showed the girls the techniques and they took off with it and made some really delicious cookies:

So far that’s it.
I have a few other items that I plan on making before this week is out. Chocolate Babka, Nut roll, Chocolate mint cookies, Butter mints (special LilBoog request), Egg Rolls (lots of these for 2 dinners), Crab Artichoke dip, and the girls think Santa wants Chocolate crinkle cookies. I might make them if Santa isn’t already rolling around on the floor gasping for air after being drowned in everything else that’s being cooked.

Of course, I have a fair amount of sewing of presents going on. Yes, I know what day it is. Today I was up damn early and finished the leotards but I still have the PJ’s and Hat sets to do (and anything else I manage to find time for). At 4pm today the brick and mortar shop will officially be on break. I’ll still be shipping but I will have time to go home and do the last minute things that need to be done.

So if I don’t post again til then (and I probably wont), HAPPY SOLSTICE, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MERRY KWANZA, HAPPY FESTIVUS, HAPPY CHANUKAH…..and whatever holiday you may or may not celebrate at this time of year, I hope you have a great and peaceful weekend.

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4 Responses to Jingle Balls and other goodies

  1. Lynn says:

    I’m coming to help clean up all those messy cookies, and I’ll stay through New Year’s, because I’m nice like that.

  2. alke says:

    Thank you!
    And a merry Christmas to you too!

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  4. Maven says:

    LOL @ Shweddy Balls! Love it!

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