Self portrait of a new cowl

So here I finished a new cowl. It took me a few days but it’s so pretty that I wanted to show it off. I’m slack about showing off finished projects so here was an opportunity to make good and show a project. Yes, I can do that. I can show this off. Let’s take some photos of myself wearing it.

Flash –
eeps! Closed eyes. Sexy Amy. Really cute.

Ok, this time, lets open our eyes really wide so that the flash doesn’t surprise us.
Not that wide fool!

Fine! Shut the flash off.
Wait. What? What happened to the auto-focus?

Ok, turn the flash on and lets try a different angle.

Oh, check to see if you got the angle right this time but don’t clic…..

ok, don’t look directly at the camera
sigh. The top of my head….

This is the last one I’m taking.

Sigh. Lets try a different location and lets not look bored, ok.
oh, um, yeah. That’s not the look.

37 pictures later and I’m done. You can see the cowl pretty well. I don’t think I have it in me to take more pictures.

The cowl is made using THIS pattern. I cast on 30 stitches since my yarn is thinner and went for about about 40 inches (til I ran out of yarn). Then I stitched the ends together to form a big loop that I can loop around my neck twice for super warmth. The yarn is Organic Merino in Twilight (old Spunky Club offering) 2ply. I can’t remember the yardage but I believe it was around 350 or so. It’s squishy it’s lovely and I’m enthralled with the way the puff stitch looks with it.

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7 Responses to Self portrait of a new cowl

  1. tiffaney says:

    The colors are awesome, and your ennui is even better :)

  2. Emily says:

    You are freakin’ hilarious!

  3. random Cindy says:

    Yummy! What a perfect stitch for that yarn. And I like your hair too. :)

  4. marissa says:

    Haha, Amy, I had to go back and look at all the pictures a second time to see the cowl- I was laughing and distracted by the faces you were making. Both you and the cowl look lovely!

  5. farm-witch says:

    you look smashing each and every time, dahling:) ANd love the cowl:)

  6. Karen says:

    Lmao! Anyone who has ever blogged knows what this is like! Pretty cowl!

  7. Kathryn says:

    Bahahaha! That’s hilarious! Seriously, that’s me every time and people wonder why I dress the dog.

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