it's back

Sorry folks the spam is back.
I’m clueless how to get rid of it.
I’m tempted to just trash the whole blog for good. At this point it’s the only way I can think to get rid of it.

If you care to read, without the “tramadol 50mg” insert, you’ll need to do it directly on the site and not through a reader.

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11 Responses to it's back

  1. JessaLu says:

    I don’t see it in mine?

    Did you change your password when you re-installed? How about your hosting password AND do you have ‘guest ftp account’ turned off? They *really* like to get in that way

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’m not seeing it either.

  3. Annalea says:

    Upgrading to the newest version of WordPress might help.

    Or, you could try migrating to blogger. (You can still host at a custom domain.) I know it’s not as feature-filled as WP, but they’ve just added some spam features that seem to work really well.

    And fwiw, I’m not seeing any spam, either. (I use Google’s reader, so maybe it’s not making it through there?)

    Best of luck . . .

  4. Christine says:

    Please don’t trash the blog. I would miss it.

  5. jenn says:

    I don’t see spam in google reader.

  6. Manise says:

    Don’t trash please! I may not comment much , but I do like reading you. :-) I do understand your frustration. Put in one of those code things for us to type in or block the sender.

  7. Kelly says:

    I haven’t seen any of your spam problems in Google Reader! Please don’t go away, I’d miss you so!

  8. Silja says:

    Have you the akismet app (spamfilter) installed in your wordpress? It catches about 98% of the spam I get on my blog.

  9. Silja says:

    I see my writing in English really sucks this morning… I am blaming the whole thing on not not having enoiught coffee in my system yet…

  10. Lola LB says:

    You can also turn off comments after a certain period of time.

  11. Lola LB says:

    Turning off comments on posts that are N days old, that is . . .

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