Garland flags

Rotary pinking cutter
Plastic ruler
Cutting mat
marker if you need it.
sewing machine **

4 (or more) fat quarters (or larger) of cotton cloth
rickrack, bias tape or ribbon that coordinates with your cloth
**if you don’t want to use a sewing machine you will need some fusible webbing.

These are just plain fun. Like I mentioned the last time, each of the girls is going to get one for their room. I bought this stack of fat quarters:

I’m going to round it out with some skully fabric already in my stash. Oh yes, they’re getting same one because if they didn’t they would just whine about it. I’m going to show you how I’m going to do them by doing my Winter Solstice Holiday garland. I chose 4 fabrics from my Mom’s stash (My dad shops in my root cellar, I shop in my Mom’s quilt closet).

I ironed them flat then folded them up and ironed again. The folds I made were so that the fold would be at the top of the flag where the ribbon will be (less sewing).
By the way, this can be done with fusible webbing for a sew free garland. Personally, I like my sewing machine much more than the iron….

Once folded and ironed flat again, you can mark with chalk or a marker where you want the points to go.
If you have a handy gridded mat like the one I was using, then that’s even better. On my little drawing here:
You can see that the bottom and top are offset. I chose to do my flags in 4 different sizes. Here are the measurements I used for the white and light blue ones – Bottom started at 0 and went to 4, 8, 12, 16 – the top started at 2, and went to 6, 10, and 14. On the black I used multiples of 6, the deep blue was multiples of 5.
The depth of the cloth was different on all of them as well so that the flag would be funky and different.

I chose to cut the edges with a pinking cutter simply because then I wouldn’t have to sew them and pinked edges fray less

I made up a pattern to put them in as I was sewing.
My original thought was to put them on a plain ribbon and have the ribbon trapped in the fold of the flag

But I wanted to use fancy rickrack so I laid that on top of the front and sewed away.
It does leave an unfinished back though.
And you can see that my machine had messed up tension. I was using my Mom’s machine and I didn’t notice til I was done.
You could use Bias tape and sandwich the flag pieces inside it so that both sides would be the same or sandwich them in 2 pieces of rickrack.

See how cute?

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2 Responses to Garland flags

  1. Jen says:

    Your news feed (RSS) was hijacked by Tramadol 50mg again…

  2. DebbieB says:

    VERY cute! Now I see what you meant by garland flags.

    Which one of the girls has that fantastic bedroom with all the yummy fiber? ;P

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