Holiday 2010…Handmade

In past years I’ve started around Thanksgiving and put a list up of some great gifts for knitters. This year I want to do a handmade holiday guide. Budgets are tighter than ever and we don’t need to spend a ton of money to give fabulous gifts. We’re all pretty crafty. Right?

Part of my guide in the past was to give our significant and insignificant others hints and ideas about unique ideas for the holidays. Well I won’t leave that out. I will still do some small gifting ideas but I wanted to keep the focus on making more this year. I’ve got some great ideas piling up. I’m starting the guide early because a few things will need a little time to make.

I know you have ideas about gifts and great decorating things that we can do for the holidays. So lets see them. Link in the comments and I’ll post them as we go along. If you’re inspired to make some tutorials of your own, all the better!

I made a lovely trip to JoAnn’s this weekend to get started:
I left my list at home (as usual) but I think I still did a good amount of damage.

I plan to make tutorials and general craftiness for myself in the form of Garland flags, advent calendar, tons of ornaments, tutus and more as I come up with it. What you see up there on the table is what we bought. We had coupons and there were tons of 40% off sales going on! Everything else I either already own or will trade for. The girls and I will make some gifties and good stuff to give to friends and family for the holidays. We instigated a less crazy holiday a few years back. Less gifts and more about family.

Later today I’m going to root through my Mom’s quilt stash and come up with the fixings for the Garland flags. The girls will be present while I make these. What they don’t know (and they don’t know about this blog yet so keep quiet), is that each of them is getting a flag set for their rooms. 4 fat quarters with some ribbon or rickrack and we’re good to go!

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4 Responses to Holiday 2010…Handmade

  1. Faith says:

    I’m excited to see what you come up with — we’re trying to simplify Christmas as well as save some money this year.

  2. michelle tourigny says:

    do you have ideas for boy presents? all these little boys around me….:)

  3. Ezara says:

    In our family, everyone buys what they need when they want it (the whole instant gratification thing makes holiday shopping the suck for us). This year we were going to just give out gift cards but that seemed really cheesy and impersonal. Our solution was to create simple gifts made with love to celebrate friends and family and maybe start new traditions that will be carried down through future generations.

    I’m sure a few of our relatives will turn their noses up, but we have decided that is their problem and not ours.

    The holidays are supposed to be fun; not spent silently thinking which family member to skewer with a knitting needle first.

  4. DebbieB says:

    What’s a Garland flag?

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