Did you….?

Did you see that I posted last night?
Did you notice that it was riddled with issues (virus)?
Did you know that I tried to fix it?
And then did you noticed that my whole site died? D-E-A-D DEAD. Gone.
Did you know that I shouldn’t be allowed near my computer for a while? I’m sure trying to backup my information had something to do with this. Though, part of it may be issues with my host.

I had to revert to an older copy of my site meaning I lost blog posts and I lost any work on the real website that I did yesterday thanks to the fatal errors that were in my blog. I was so mad I was ready to rip it’s little bloggy heart out and erase it from all existence. Except that it was inaccessible to do so.

Eventually I calmed down and I installed an update that is supposed to make it all better. I can post now. Or at least, as I write this I’m assuming that when I click on “Publish” that it will actually publish. It looks as though the club blog is gone and that’s ok. I don’t have time for 2 blogs. Once a month (around the 20th) I’ll post the club hints here instead.

As for the actual commerce site….http://www.spunkyeclectic.com/shop.php….it’s working for now. I called in the big guns and they got it running again. This does just prove that we really need to rebuild it and we will as soon as we can. I’m not a web developer so it takes me twice the time it might take others. Looks like order records got erased. If you ordered but haven’t heard from me, email me at info at spunkyeclectic dot com.

For now, I’m getting read for the Fiber Festival of New England, Springfield, MA at the Big E Malory complex. We’ll be in booths 500 and 501. November 6-7. Come visit me. I’ve finally got some of my pottery as well as the usual fibery goodies and a few new things. There’s always new stuff.

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4 Responses to Did you….?

  1. Heather says:

    crap! the feed of your site has a bunch of “Tramadol 50mg”‘s thrown in at odd places. i thought for a second that you were making some sort of joke, so i clicked through. no mention of that analgesic here. SO WEIRD.

    get better, Boogie-Nets!

  2. Jen says:

    I got the same thing….

  3. random Cindy says:

    So sorry. I did see you panicky there. Didn’t want to respond for fear I’d spread my own slow computer germs to you. Mine may be more due to age and running Freehand, Photoshop and other stuff at the same time though. I thought Jay was helping you with the website now? Or is that not his bag either?

  4. Manise says:

    I missed all of your horrible web fiasco. Sorry you lost a bunch of stuff. That sucks. See you Saturday for sure!

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