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Advent Calendars

Were you reading last year when I had a little fit because I didn’t have an Advent calendar and for some reason I felt I had to have one? This is last year’s calendar. I wanted something different for this … Continue reading

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Lets shop patterns

Lets do a little shopping today. Not a lot, just a little. This is mostly still about being handmade. While you still have some time to knit and spin stuff (I don’t think I need to tell you where to … Continue reading

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it's back

Sorry folks the spam is back. I’m clueless how to get rid of it. I’m tempted to just trash the whole blog for good. At this point it’s the only way I can think to get rid of it. If … Continue reading

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Garland flags

Tools: Rotary pinking cutter Plastic ruler Cutting mat marker if you need it. iron sewing machine ** Materials: 4 (or more) fat quarters (or larger) of cotton cloth rickrack, bias tape or ribbon that coordinates with your cloth thread** **if … Continue reading

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Holiday 2010…Handmade

In past years I’ve started around Thanksgiving and put a list up of some great gifts for knitters. This year I want to do a handmade holiday guide. Budgets are tighter than ever and we don’t need to spend a … Continue reading

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Tramadol still?

I did the last updatey things and fixes. If the Tramadol is still there in the RSS feed then I’ve got some big work ahead of me. I’ll tackle it as soon as I can. In the meantime I leave … Continue reading

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Did you….?

Did you see that I posted last night? Did you notice that it was riddled with issues (virus)? Did you know that I tried to fix it? And then did you noticed that my whole site died? D-E-A-D DEAD. Gone. … Continue reading

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