THE Big Announcement

Did you get your newsletter? If not here it is:

You may be wondering why I’m sending a second newsletter today. Well…

Did you remember that our loom sale begins today? You may want to jump right in today if you want your weaving goodness as soon as possible, but the sale runs through the end of October, so you will have a little time to plan for a new addition.

– Not sure if you want to weave? Trust me, you do! Rigid heddle loom is a great place to start. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the Flickr group for Rigid Heddle weavers

– Do you already weave? If so you may want a larger loom so you can do some multi shaft weaving.

– Do you live in a small space? Louet and Ashford have wonderful table looms which fold up to a size not much bigger than a rigid heddle. If you prefer a floor loom Schacht’s Wolf series folds into a fairly small package for a fully functioning floor loom.

– Do you have space to spare? Well then, the loom world is your oyster!

For details, CLICK HERE

Ok, so the loom sale isn’t the real reason for the second newsletter…

BFL is still on sale! And we have new stock in Tibetan and Russian spindles that will make their way to the shop soon. As well as I heard a rumor that Abby Batts are on their way. I announce those on Rav, Facebook, and Twitter first.

But the real reason I wanted to send out a second newsletter…

I wanted to announce that my husband, Jay Marston, is joining Spunky Eclectic full time! Soon he’ll be handling all the stocking and computer issues that I never seem to be able to fix. We’ll be updating the shop online, and the brick and mortar. He’ll be starting with us the end of the month but has been working here and there for a while helping out. Have you noticed his postings on Spunky Eclectic Facebook? All those computer glitches that drive us all mad, will hopefully be a thing of the past soon. He also has some new goodies in store for all you online shoppers.

I hope you’re all enjoying your fall (or spring if you’re down under).
Remember that September 18th is Spin in Public day. If you’re in the area of our Brick and Mortar Shop in Lisbon, Maine stop by. We’re open 10-4pm and I guarantee that I’ll be spinning. Bring your wheel or spindle so you can spin with me.

Amy and Jay
Spunky Eclectic

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5 Responses to THE Big Announcement

  1. Peg Alexander says:

    jay needs a good rav name …. just saying..

  2. Chesley says:

    Congrats! That is BIG news! Yay! Does this mean I can steal you away for lunch if Jay is watching the shop? ;-)

  3. Manise says:

    That’s great!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations! This is wonderful news!

  5. Congratulations!!! I wish you both nothing but success.

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