September’s Newsletter:

Here we are heading back to school, or sending the kids back. It’s almost September 1st and fall is right around the corner. It’s a lovely time of year here in Maine. As the weather is changing we’re making some changes here at Spunky Eclectic.

Colorway of the month starts Wednesday September 1 at noon EST – This month we’re not doing one colorway but all the BFL is on sale!

-We have new products joining us here in the shop.
1.Already in stock is the new 3G Woodworks spindles. I’m hoping to have them listed online by the end of the week.
2. Ashford wheels, Looms, and fibers should be arriving in the shop any day now. I’ll get them listed as soon as I can but if you need anything you are welcome to email me.
3. Hiya Hiya needles are also on their way to the shop and I’ll list them as soon as I can.
4. Soon we’ll have a stock of Tibetan and Russian spindles. Stay tuned to Twitter and Facebook for the first notice of that.

Starting September 15th and running through October will be a loom sale:
-Any of the smaller Rigid Heddle looms you will get a free book “Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving” with your order
-Order the largest Ashford or Schacht Rigid Heddle and get a free Book “The Weaver’s Idea Handbook”.
-Pre-order any of the larger floor or table looms and you will receive the book “The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory”, one 10 inch boat shuttle and a bag of 10 plastic bobbins to fit the shuttle.
If you’ve been wanting a loom, the time to get it will be September 15th through October. I’ll have my full stock and you’ll get your item shipped out fast! All the details will be on the site starting September 15th at Noon EST

If you like to spin with a group of people, or knit, or weave then you’re in luck. Thursday evenings here at Spunky Eclectic in Lisbon Maine, we’ll be having Fiber night starting the end of September. I’ve not got a date set because we’re doing a bit of remodeling here. I’m making more room and we’ll have a couch as well as the table. Once the dust has settled and we’ve got some room for you all, we’ll make another announcement.

You’re not in Maine? Don’t forget you join us virtually at Raverly with the Spunky Group . If you haven’t joined us there yet, now is a fantastic time. We’re hosting a spin along. Spin up your stash with us starting September first and running through October 15th when many of us will be heading to Rhinebeck to restock that stash. Following the stash spin up we’re going to have a knit along and weave along, so join us to see what we’re up to.

There is always more going on so make sure to join us on Facebook or on Twitter for almost daily updates on what we’re up to.

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