Been yarnin'

I’ve been making yarn lately. Finally we’ve been getting a few breaks in the heat and I can make some yarn.

I finally finished the Wool/flax:
Which I have some that I’m going to put in the shop for you soon.

I spun up some Enchanted Knoll to make a warm winter shawl from:
Jester Earth is the colorway.

And I’ve been playing with color and color changes.
The color in there is Thermograph. Both are 2 ply yarns. One was plied with White and the other a dark grey brown. I have some plans for a few other fun plying experiments. Of course, I’ll be back to share them with you when I have them done.

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One Response to Been yarnin'

  1. Jaimie says:

    It’s kind of a no brainer that it would look different, but I still find it amazing how the same colorway plied with lighter/darker colors makes it look like a COMPLETELY different colored yard. Beautiful spinning and dying…I love your posts.

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