Tour de Fleece

It’s here!
You ready?

I am:
All Coopworth – some plain roving and the batts are Enchanted Knoll. I’m already working on the Champagne party so that will probably get finished first unless I switch wheels and move on to:
The basket is all going to be thick and thin – the 2 colors of Shetland will be a marl and the black shetland will have to wait for the big wheel to do a 2 ply yarn that will match the other 4 colors for a fair isle. But lets not forget a bucket of hap hap happy handpaint by Helloyarn and Southern Cross Fiber.

If you haven’t joined up yet – head over to Ravelry. David and I are once again hosting this together and going to be dishing out some good Southern Cross and Spunky prizes.

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3 Responses to Tour de Fleece

  1. havlu-dantel says:

    Hello, Your site is very beautiful. Do you want to exchange links?

  2. Annalea says:

    Sounds like so much fun . . . maybe someday I’ll actually be able to participate. lol I even bought my wheel right after TdeF last year because I was so inspired. (I’ve just got too many big things looming right now–a family vacation being one of them.)

    Btw, a while back you tested a purple plastic buckety thing . . . was it one of those Phil basins by Soak? ( I’m wondering, because I think I need one desperately. ;o)

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