I Scream for Ice Cream

Ice cream is a big part of our menu around here. I don’t like to eat much of the commercial stuff from the market as it usually has too much sugar and the flavor always seems a little off somehow. My own ice cream, I can make it how I want. I tried 4 new flavors of ice cream last week and I wanted to share 3 of them with you. Why not the 4th? It was a chocolate one and I have a house full of chocolate lovers who informed me that while it was good, it still wasn’t quite right. Back to the drawing board.

Cheese Cake ice cream:
8 oz cream cheese, softened
1.5 cup whole milk
the juice from half a lemon
3/4 cup sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt
Mix all of this in a blender. I tried to do it with a good mixer and it was still clumpy – you need it smooth.
Then stir in 1/2 cup heavy cream

Refrigerate until cold. Then plop it all into the ice cream maker and let it do it’s thing.

This stuff is so good. Ridiculously good. I think it’s especially good with fruit on it.
Mmm cherries….and a homemade warm graham cracker

Original Cream Cheese Ice Cream recipe

Coffee Gelato:
5 egg yolks
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups whole milk
1/2 cup of heavy cream
1/4 cup of super strong espresso
2 heaping teaspoons of ground espresso

Mix it up thoroughly – cool for 3-4 hours then do it up in your ice cream maker.

I ground the espresso really fine. If you wanted crunchier chunks then you would just grind it a little coarser. I loved the little specks that it made in the final ice cream. This is my favorite. It needs some kind of orgasmic OMG kind of a title. I was in love with the Cheesecake one, until I finished this one. so so so good Best coffee ice cream that I’ve ever had.

Original Coffee Recipe

Last but not least
BlackBerry frozen Yogurt
This started with homemade yogurt that I strained so it was just a little creamier than chevre cheese. It wasn’t firm but it was definitely thick. I’m not sure it needed to be that thick but it was still really good.

3 cups – strained plain unflavored no sugar yogurt
1 tsp Raspberry flavoring (liquor or extract)
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup of Blackberries. (I had some frozen from last year, I just thawed them out before mixing in so they’d break up good)

Mix it all up and refrigerate for at least an hour (longer if all your ingredients weren’t at least a little cold – Then using your ice cream maker, do it up right. Original Frozen Yogurt Recipe

Sorry for the lack of photos folks. It didn’t dawn on me that they’d all be eaten so quickly that I wouldn’t get pictures. Luckily I had a bowl of the cheesecake one the first night I made it, otherwise I wouldn’t even have that one.

For those of you that aren’t just skimming, you really read, you might have seen that I said something about a homemade graham cracker. I’m a sucker for graham crackers but uneasy not knowing what’s in it. I decided I had to make my own.grahams
There’s something still a tad off about these. As soon as I find the right recipe or I create it, I’ll let you know.

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7 Responses to I Scream for Ice Cream

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hmm, I think I saw a recipe for graham crackers in a recent Martha Stewart mag. I was reading at my mother in laws, so I don’t have it handy. I want to try your ice cream recipes!

  2. Lynn says:

    You’re going to make ice cream for us on the 10th, right?

  3. Melanie says:

    It all looks so good!!

  4. Annalea says:

    Mmmmm. Looks divine. :o) Have you tried making ice cream with coconut milk? With a good, chemical-free brand (like Thai Kitchen), it’s the perfect substitute for whole milk & heavy cream, and makes a killer ice cream. My favorite recipe is this:

    2 cans Thai Kitchen original organic coconut milk
    4 T raw agave nectar (this has a less harsh taste than the cooked stuff)
    1-2 tsp vanilla (or 1/2 of a vanilla bean, scraped clean & omitting the bark)

    Mix well and toss in your ice cream maker. (Refrigerate if necessary, first. My maker doesn’t require it.) When it’s nearly done, drop in by spoonfuls your favorite jam. My all-time favorite for this is Dalford’s Pineapple Mango. Mmmmm . . .

    Put it over some gluten-free brownie or cake, and it’s heaven. (Being lactose and gluten intolerant doesn’t mean you can’t eat like royalty! :o)

  5. Nell says:

    That looks delicious! Can’t wait to try it. Yum!

  6. aimee says:

    Hi I find your site through your knitty pattern which I admired as much as your tattoos. both beautiful!

    I see that you are making cream cheese ice cream. I make this a lot (i work in pastry at a restaurant) and I would suggest combining the cream cheese and sugar in a mixer until it is smooth and well combined. THEN, add the other ingredients. I think that you’ll find this an easier process. If you want to make it an even smoother process, heat all of the liquid ingredients first (except for the lemon juice and that to the sugar and cream cheese first).

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