Since last time…

in no sense of order

I got a tattoo

I finished Baby Boogie’s Xmas sweater
At least it was only Xmas 09. As soon as I block it and add the button, I’ll see if Baby Boogie will grace us with a modeled shot.

Cleaned up an area of my cellar to be more conducive to sewing and redid my cutting table.
I’ve made myself a few skirts and dresses are under way for the girls. That fabric to the right of the photo will be new kitchen curtains as soon as I can find the time. Hawthorne Threads Just go there. But let me warn you, it’s good.

I cut my hair
It was long and bugging the crap out of me. Also, it was just downright unattractive. I had made a deal with myself that I had to deal with the hair til I hit a certain weight goal. Well, I broke the deal. So now I have to really work at it so I don’t feel so bad about breaking the deal with myself because this is a spectacular haircut. The back is gorgeous (very funky). I’m just not enough of a contortionist to be able to show it to you.

I planted a bunch of stuff
That’s about half my pots in the front (look at that gorgeous herb basket to the left). There is a veggie garden and I’m still working on the shade garden in the front. It’s still sparse but I’m not willing to spend what it takes to get it gorgeous in one year.
Bit by bit it will be done.

I spun a bunch of yarns
I need to get to that plying. I’m working at cleaning up my spinning basket so I can move on to larger projects. Other stuff was finished but I’m being sekritskwirrel about some of it, so I can’t show you just yet.

I made gnome
Who went to go live with Hello Yarn last weekend when I went down to do Massachusetts sheep and woolcraft. This weekend there is no gnome. I’m staying home and I’ll be at the Fiber Frolic in Windsor Maine. Booth 7, come say hi.

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4 Responses to Since last time…

  1. Lynn says:

    Luna tat! That rocks! How come I didn’t see it at Cummington? You gonna have spinny thingy July 10th? It’s on MY calendar already!

  2. AmyP says:

    Love the tattoo and the new hair (and everything else!)

  3. DebbieB says:

    Oh, my gosh – that is the BEST tattoo ever.

  4. Donna says:

    Cute haircut! Looks great. You have been a busy girl!

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