Miss me?

It’s been crazy around here. The biggest thing was the sudden death of the computer. I worked for 5 days from the little 9 incher until my new “bitch” arrived. Yes that’s the computer’s name because it better work like one! I’ve had the new one about 5 days now and I’ve almost got it all loaded. It only took me half an hour to remember the fancy web address and password for the blog. I still can’t access one of the email accounts and I still need to figure out all the stuff for FTP stuff….I’m getting there. But check it out! All it’s keys!
…so far. It took almost a month for the kids to knock off the N on the last computer.

The other major project is that husbeast needed a home office. Where oh where do we put that?
The pottery shop was the best option. I moved out the fleeces and the kiln and potters wheels, removed the shelving.
Soon it will get sheetrock, paint, new ceiling, new lighting, carpet, the works. Still some cleaning to do but I figured the process of sheet rocking it will make it messy again so we’ll wait. Hopefully by this time next month it will be a lovely fully functioning home office.

Still, while doing all that I’ve been working on a new design that uses handspun, that sweater is done but I needed to knit another in this stuff:
Spud and Chloe outer – lovely stuff. I’m not a big fan of bulky but this is some nice stuff regardless.

I’ve made a bit of yarn too. Most of it I can’t show you or I’ve shown you before. I’ve done more of the green wool/linen, I finished the BFL teal, and I made some Confused in Corriepaca:
I also made a few yarns that I can’t show you yet. This one I can show you:
I’m just going to keep the details secret a little while longer.

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3 Responses to Miss me?

  1. Manise says:

    Yes and you are a tease!

  2. JessaLu says:

    Congrats on the new toy! I haven’t been able to read blogs for about two weeks so I’ve been missing *everyone*! ;o)

  3. Meganne says:

    Love the colors in that last photo! Can’t wait to see the rest.

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