Stashdown 5

Not so much stashdown happened last week. I found myself busy working on taxes, and update and a bunch of household/family stuff.
I don’t know if this week will be much different. Still I got 12 ounces of singles done:
The last 4 ounces of BFL singles in Juniper.
4 ounces of BFL that will plied, it was a failed Nova Scotia but I really liked it so I kept it. I have a pound of it.
2 more bobbins of the linen wool

I did manage to squeak in some knitting and crochet time.
Another potholder (Flower Hot Pad):

An Anne Crochet scarf and I finished a sweater for publication. It’s the second one in the pattern and it will be self published.
Details and new pattern coming soon.

Yesterday I started a couple more projects:
Another Anne Scarf and some mitts for a friend.

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One Response to Stashdown 5

  1. Suzanne says:

    Unrelated question! Are you showing at Maryland Sheep and Wool this year? It’s a big fest, but it’s also quite far so I wasn’t sure.

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