Stashdown 4

We’re halfway through the stashdown. I’ve been through a fair amount of fiber and cleaned up a few bobbins that just needed a plying.
Here’s the stats:
7lbs of wool spun
5 bobbins cleared of old projects for an additional 8 ounces of fiber plied.
wow. I think I’ve only added 2 lbs to the stash in the past month. I’m trying to spin more frequently and take care of clubs faster. I belong to 3 and add up fast. I need to just plain spin more.

Let’s take a peek at what we accomplished this past week:

2 skeins of that Wool Linen were plied off.
For a total of 440 yards.

Old project plied off the bobbins:
4 ounces of BFL in light fingering weight – each skein is about 2 ounces, 220 yards.

I finished one skein of BFL singles
about 440 yards.

I rounded out the week with some Souther Cross Fiber and Thick and thin singles.
12 ounces of “Sprout” in Polwarth:
and yesterday I did 8 ounces of the current club “Molten”:
Which all of that will go nicely with a stashed yarn that I made last year. I see a very loud sweater coming my way:

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3 Responses to Stashdown 4

  1. random Cindy says:

    Love the sprout and molten colors, they look particularly nice in that thick/thin spin.

  2. Dianna says:

    You amaze me at how quickly you can spin up a ton of fiber! I have allowed my subscriptions to go unspun, so I finally had to stop them all to give myself a chance to get caught up!

  3. lisa says:

    num num num!!!

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