Stashdown 3

Here I am to report the work of week 3….it was weak. Really weak. I only had a chance to spin 2 days out of the 7. I managed to get a lot done but it was still not a whole lot of spinning time. This week may prove to be a challenge too as club should be going out in the next couple of days.

Early in the week my spinning consisted of watching Dexter and churning out 2 pounds of Vineyard.
1080 yards of thick and thin glorious poofy singles. Love them! I want to knit a sweater right now but I probably wouldn’t wear it til fall anyway so I’m putting this sweater on the back burner and working on yarns to make sweater for the more current weather situation.

Thin BFL singles
That may become something like a “Featherweight Sweater” or something of my own design. Something thin none the less.

Linen Wool
I did another bobbin of this. Theoretically I could ply the 2 bobbins I have and start the sweater. Or at least swatch for it. Though, I have 4 or 5 lacy summer sweaters in my head and I need to sort through which one gets which yarn and I’ll get moving right on that. Well….and I have to finish the current sweater pattern test knitting.

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4 Responses to Stashdown 3

  1. Katie says:

    Speaking of your own designs, congrats on Knitty!! It’s a beautiful sweater.

  2. Manise says:

    Congrats on your Knitty submission. Very cute! Lovely spun up yarn and singles btw. :-)

  3. Faith says:

    The swingset picture is the best! Wow, that blue bobbin is gorgeous!

  4. Mary says:

    Had to pop over and give you two thumbs up for the sweater and name! I used to drive over the tap all the time! What great views on the bridge and connecting roads north. Just like your pattern. Thanks for sharing.

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