Run for Good

Okay. I’ve blathered about running here from time to time. I’m finally ready to put my feet to the pavement and actually take up a race. Not that I have expectations of winning but I plan to get out there and beat the pavement for beating Cancer. I’m going to try to do a couple of small races here and there but in the Fall there is a charity race called The Dempsey Challenge.


I’ve signed up for it and if you want to donate to the cause, Here’s my Page. But of course, if you want to make it a party, then you can run, walk, bike along with me. Just go to the main Dempsey page and you’ll see where you can sign up too. I figured it was for a good cause and I’d be out there sweating my butt off which is always a good thing.

This probably won’t be the last you’ll hear about this from me. Running seems to keep me sane…that’s right. Can you imagine how I’d be if I wasn’t running? It wouldn’t be a good scene. I’ve also taken up with Kettlebells and I’m still hooping and doing pilates. Not all at once of course. I’ll probably talk more about all the exercise craziness in the future but for today I wanted just put a shout out there for the Dempsey Challenge and to start raising a little money for a good cause.

Now, it’s not just the money – Make sure to sign your name when you make a donation. For every $10 you donate you’ll get an entry into a prize drawing. The 2 big drawings will be for a sweater’s worth of yarn in your choice from the Spunky Store, and the other, a sweater’s worth of fiber from the Spunky Store. You’ll have til October and I’ll remind you as we get closer.

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One Response to Run for Good

  1. Annalea says:

    One book is a must read: Born to Run, by Christopher MacDougal. You’ll love it . . . even if you weren’t a runner, you would love it. :o) It’s a fast read, and will change the way you think about running, forever. (Don’t worry . . . it’ll be for the better!)

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