Beach Day Scarf

If you watch my Flickr, you already know this is done. I loaded the photos meaning to post last week and then the week went downhill and my desire to write a post disappeared. Tomorrow I’m going to put a few kits on the website for weaving a scarf like this. Yarn and fiber sets. It’s my new favorite way to weave. I have another scarf I’m working on too. The next one will be merino and tencel. For now, I’m reveling in one finished scarf.


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3 Responses to Beach Day Scarf

  1. Moan says:

    Love it!
    This gives me inspiration to start weaving.

  2. Amy O' says:

    oh no, me too! will you be bringing cricket looms to SPA? I keep reading how weaving is a great way to get through your handspun…

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