Immortal Tub

Remember that tub Louet asked me to “destroy”?

Well. I did my best. Ok. Maybe not absolute best. I didn’t take a blow torch to it….If there had been one more handy I can’t say that I wouldn’t have tried it and well, the matches were handy enough. The tub will NOT catch fire, but it will melt. Also, if you leave it on a hot stove burner, I assume it will melt to the burner. But these are common sense things you already knew that you shouldn’t be doing. Right? Please, tell me you already knew that and didn’t need to hear from me that you don’t put rubber and plastic on hot burners.

I’m going to use the small tubs for dyeing. Maybe the big tubs too but the small tubs make a perfect sized tub for this stuff. First the proteins tuff didn’t dye it but what about the fiber reactive dyes? That stuff dyes everything!

it doesn’t dye this tub:

I also did a small batch of Osage Orange natural dyeing and it survived that. I just forgot to have photographic evidence of the dye in there. As you can see the tub is still as purple when I got it. I still hope someday to get dye to take to it so I’m going to do more different natural dyes and see if I can defeat it some day. It’s a challenge now and I cannot be beat by a little purple tub. It’s purple! I’m stronger than purple!

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5 Responses to Immortal Tub

  1. Scott says:

    Is it wrong that it makes me happy that they gave you a purple tub? It just makes me giggle. ;)

  2. JessaLu says:

    Maybe if they had sent you a lighter color…? I have two tubs like that one for garden stuff and I can say they’re pretty indestructible – though the pink one is showing some stains. ;o)

  3. random Cindy says:

    I gave my mom one like that for gardening. I wonder if it’s the same thing. She loves it.

  4. lisa says:

    You go grrrrllll! Put that yarn in for a mortal bath in the immortal tub…

  5. Donna says:

    The wonders of plastic. And I am so digging that shade or purple. I had a sweatsuit that color when I was a teenager and it was my favorite.

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