Yeah, I think I’m finished with this sweater. Finished for good.

I wanted a black sweater because I love black and it’s a great neutral. A couple of years ago I made this:
Looks good on the dress form doesn’t it. If only it looked that good on me. That’s my smaller dress form from back in the day. Back in the day before I had babes. It’s so not a good representation of how it looks on me. It was a horrible fit. Too big in places and the ties cut in the wrong spots. FROG.

I didn’t frog it all the way. Just enough to start working it back down into a different sweater that doesn’t wrap. Which I decided would be best as a shrug/bolero creature.
I don’t know what I was looking at, I assure you, I wasn’t trying to look regal or anything. Maybe I was tring to distract you from the PJ’s. It was Sunday moring and I was still in my yoga pants and fluffy sheep slippers…..ok, full disclosure, I never got out of my PJ’s yesterday.

I’m thinking that I need to rip this as well. It’s too big across the back. I looked back (when I looked up the photos) and I had originally made it in 2006 when I was at my largest size in the past 10 years or so. Now that I think about it, other than pregnancy size, that was the largest, I’ve ever been. I got smaller and I’m shrinking more now so I’m thinking that I need to just ball up the yarn, all of it, and put it on the back burner. Or just make a small size sweater now and make sure I lose the last 20 to make it work…..

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6 Responses to Finished?

  1. Kerrie says:

    First, I love your brick wall and inset fireplace/woodstove. Odd of me, I know.

    Second… I love that you posted this. I had started a sweater some time ago and ripped it for the same reasons… it was for the big me and I didn’t want to fit into those clothes again…. ever.

    You look great (I don’t think you have 20 more to spare!) and the sweater… I think it want’s to be a slinky-deep-cut-sexy-momma type.

  2. Annalea says:

    I’ve got some sweater yarn squirreled away for the very same reason . . . except that I’ve got at least thirty pounds to go. I keep chiseling away . . . down one pound one day, up half the next, down another pound a day or two later, then back up a bit . . .

    When it’s all gone, I’m going to knit a bunch of your classic 220 into a V sweater. :o)

    Have a great week!

  3. Lee says:

    I like how it looks as a bolero. Cute! But if this sweater has nothing but bad associations for you forget about frogging again; start a new sweater in some new yarn that you will feel better about with a fresh start!

  4. lisa says:

    Or cross the front and button or attach partway across to make it fit across the back?? Ooooh ooooh, or attach each front lower corner up high on the other side and really cup the boobalas.

  5. peahen says:

    Great way to rescue something which wasn’t working for you. I love boleros (possibly because they’re quicker to knit than full cardies) and I love the way the sleeves flare out at the cuffs on this one. Lovely.

  6. Norma says:

    Do you have the pattern for the original sweater – or can you tell me where to get it?

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