TNNA Long Beach

That was the view from the room. I can’t remember how much I told anyone about my trip. There are so many sites that I post to that I can’t remember which one has all the information and which one might be just redundant. I left Maine at 6 am Saturday and got to SUNNY Long Beach at noon. It was lovely. I could walk around outside without shivering. I did have work to do.

I was helping out SWA – the Spinning and Weaving Association and filming a short spot on Knitting Daily TV. The TV show, I talk about novelty yarns, specifically the feather yarn such as what was used in these mittens which will be a Knitting Daily free pattern when the show airs:

I dropped by the booths I needed to and then went to bug Dave at Louet. I asked to new stuff and he points out the new dyed Karoke. I touched it and my immediate thought was that it was dry and didn’t quite feel like the white luxurious stuff. He gave me a bit and I trotted away to sit at the SWA booth and play with my little bit of Karaoke.

So there I was just playing and spinning away….all of a sudden I was out of fiber and felt a little sad. It was a good spin. I set up a plying bracelet and I plied it. Not bad at all. I like it. I was sent away with a little bit of each color.

I’m working today on spinning up my samples so you can see them. This is actually quite nice stuff. I’ll post when I get them all done. I’ll have it in the shop as soon as it arrives.

The other thing I received was a tub. I was instructed to ruin it. Or well…not really. But that’s what I heard. “Amy, you should take this home and try your hardest to make it all discolored and icky because we haven’t been able to do it yet”. I’ve been doing a few dye loads in it and so far it’s still just purple. We’re going to step it up and see if the fiber reactive stuff will stick. I’ll let you know. So far, I really like this tub and no you can’t have it. I do have some coming to the shop soon.

Oh, speaking of coming to the shop. I placed a bunch of orders. Louet, Buffalo Gold, Della Q, Lantern Moon baskets….I can’t wait for it all to start coming in.

Finally the last goodie I got was a yarn from Pico Accuardi Dyeworks. Lovely stuff and I can’t wait to start working on it. I’m thinking cowl.

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3 Responses to TNNA Long Beach

  1. farm-witch says:

    Woot! Love those feathered mitts:)

  2. Donna says:

    Yeah – that view from your room sucked.

    It sounds like it was nice productive trip. And a great quick escape from the cold New England weather. Yes – I am jealous.

    I can’t wait to see the Knitting Daily episode!

  3. Rachel says:

    do the feathers feel prickly? Are they spun right in with the fleece? It looks really cool!

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