The Wrap Up

Pj’s were finished on time! With about an hour to spare even. I had to do it using every sneaky bone in my body. I was able to finish up Baby Boogie’s late at night while she was sleeping but forgot to take photos. So those I had to do sneakily while she was in the other room waiting just outside the door. Hence the wrapping paper under the Pj’s…
Satin ones:
And flannel ones:

Let me tell you something about that Satin stuff. It’s lovely shiney smooth stuff with flannel back so it’s warm. Kids love it. Don’t buy it. It’s a pain in the butt to work with and once you make it once, the kids will want it again and again. Well….maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t wait to make the PJ’s until last minute and was rushing. I just don’t seem to ever make PJ’s unless I’m under some kind of rush. I wonder if I started the PJ’s now for next year if I’d actually finish them before “last minute” or if they’d even fit.

9 going on 20 got her PJs on time as well. Her’s were the ones that were being finished at the very last minute.
And Satin:

There is something about making tiny doll clothing that is pleasing and tedious all at once. I know I will soon be making a ton. The girls are a little distressed that each doll has 2 sets of PJ’s but only one set of day clothes. The Day clothes they came with are too fancy and they need more play clothes. But they’ve spent the last couple of days in PJ’s so I don’t see the problem.

Notice the hat on her head. I was able to finish off the Beret for less stealing. I was not able to finish anything else. I have some travel coming up so I’m hoping I’ll get to finish some of my knitting then.

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7 Responses to The Wrap Up

  1. PuppyMomma says:

    Can you make ME some Hello Kitty pjs? I don’t even need matching doll ones. Just me.

  2. Wendy says:

    This is from my DD (10) to 9-going-on-20:

    I really like your American Girl and I just got my third one for Christmas. I hope that we could meet sometime even though you live in Maine and I live in California. Maybe we could be pen pals!


  3. Norma says:

    The PJs are cute as hell, but I’m wondering WHY you would put yourself through the trouble of making them!!! You’re a good mama.

  4. marissa says:

    Love them! I’m a huge fan of pj’s, and have spent the last 3 days in mine (nowhere near as cute as those, either!). Husband thinks it’s quite insane to shower and put on clean pj’s. My Favorite Thing.

  5. lisa says:

    Satin solution: make them silk (hahahahahaha). Talk about sneaky, DH really surprised me w/ that spinning stool, oooohlalalala!! I am pretty sure I have a pattern for coats for those dolls, or maybe I made it up. I dragged all the sewing stuff out of the attic (because we laid more insulation and now it’s inaccessible, booo and hooo, but maybe we’ll be warm) yesterday and maybe I’ll find it.

    Say… I have been thinking to make myself some jammie bottoms. Women’s tend to be too short, and men’s too baggy, plus there’s that whole crotch vent thing being a little cool and adding extra material just where I need it… and I’m wondering if your mama sells fabric? Or would share where she gets it? I’d like some fun flannel, but haven’t seen any (though I only looked one evening). You know, those racy cowgirls??

  6. harmless says:

    I have some of that flannel-backed satin in my fabric stash. It is The Devil.

    The beret looks great! Hooray for more knitting time soon, too.

  7. yvette says:

    All your jammies look fantastic, my next sewing project is 6 mermaid costumes for the school theatre production, some of the fabrics are horrible to work with.

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