Sale and Blather…

You know the sale is going on right? It ends Friday so get there while you can. It started yesterday but there’s still plenty HERE

ok, on to the blathering…

First, the business….I have a new pattern out:
It’s available at The Knitting Experience

I should be knitting but I’m really stuck on felting right now. I’ve had a stock of silk scarves for a while and I love dyeing them. I kept meaning to get to the nuno part of the scarf love and finally have. I made a green one for me:
And a Diesel one for Lesley
I also made a lattice one just because it was there:
It’s not exactly warm but it’s soft and pretty cool.

My other project of late is making swatchy samples of fibers for the shop. Which just means I fall for another fiber and add to the stash. First I did a quick spin/swatch of the Eastport fiber in the shop….wool and alpaca roving…..yes, it’s as lovely as it sounds.
Which made me buy from myself 2 sweaters worth in these colors:
Then I did a swatch in Coopworth roving:
I already have this sweater designed in my head. Part of me wants to set everything else aside and do this now.

I have a feeling the kid’s sweaters won’t be done for Xmas but I will have something knit in their stockings and I will get the PJ’s done. Maybe I’ll make them wet felted slippers….after I finish the wet felted gauntlets/mitts I’m working on…

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2 Responses to Sale and Blather…

  1. random Cindy says:

    I’m so glad you are doing swatchy samples, that is a great idea! I’ve divided up this second handpaint I got from you and I’m going to spin/ply it different ways and I’m taking lots of pictures so that I have a record of what happens when spun in different ways all the way through the knitted piece. I never see that anywhere and I think it’s really very helpful to a beginner to see what knits up from a handpainted yarn or fiber. Or just the difference in the feel and look from top to fabric. And I am so behind on Christmas, do you think we could get it delayed??

  2. Brenda says:

    Felting is addictive, isn’t it? I’m currently wet felting bracelets. I’ve made bangles and cuffs and I love them all. I love the lattice scarf!

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